Tuesday, March 03, 2015

H-town TBLQ Girls Running The World

http://www.outsmartmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/5-AtlantisCapri.jpgOutSmart Magazine in honor of Women's History Month put together an article honoring Houston BTLQ women who are running thangs, rising leaders and making our community better.

I was happy to see two of my trans sisters in Atlantis Capri and Dee Dee Watters make this list.   And if you're asking where's my name, I was honored in the OutSmart Black History Month issue.

I've had (or will have) the opportunity to work with many of the women named in this article on various community projects.   For those who were named I haven't met, I'm certain our paths will cross soon.

Congrats to Marshella, Atlantis, Dee Dee, Melanie, Stephanie, Margarita, Augie, Fran and Christina who were recognized in this article.

And for our proud H-town LBTQ sisters who lead on loan to other locales like Yesenia Chavez and Stacey Langley, know we love you, are still thinking about you in the 713, and look forward to the next time y'all come home.

Misfits March 11 Conversation: Are Black LGBTQ People Being Left Behind By Black Leaders?

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Another Misfits conversation moderated by Fran Watson will be taking place in H-town on March 11 which asks the question: Are Black LGBTQ People Being Left Behind by Our Black Leaders?

From my trans perspective, the answer to that question depends on how you define Black leaders.

But I am less than happy about the deafening silence on trans issues coming from our politicians we elected with our votes and legacy civil rights organizations like the NAACP, and The Urban League.

One of the peeps taking part in this latest discussion in the Tiger Room on the Texas Southern University campus will be National Black Justice Coalition Executive Director/CEO Sharon Lettman Hicks.

There will be a reception that kicks this moderated conversation off starting at 6 PM CDT, with the moderated panel discussion scheduled to start at 6:45 PM.

Monday, March 02, 2015

Exposed: What Trans People Do In The Bathroom

Since some of you are still irrationally believing the debunked right wing lies about what we trans people actually do in the bathroom, and some of you media peeps are complicit in spreading them, once again  I find it necessary to waste bandwith having to reiterate step by step what happens when we trans people  walk into any public restroom situation.

As a TransGriot public service, I present a step by step guide to what trans people actually do in any public restroom.

What Trans People Do In The Bathroom

1:   Enter bathroom
2:   Find empty stall, enter and lock door
3:   Check toilet seat for residual poop or pee, wipe off if detected.
4:   Pull clothes down in preparation to expel waste products
5:   Sit down on toilet seat
6:   Poop or pee until finished
7:   Wipe buns
8:    Flush toilet if a manual one
9:    Get up, readjust clothes, unlock stall door
10:  Head to sink to wash hands
11.  If a trans feminine person, check makeup and appearance.
12.  Exit bathroom

Now, does that sound like something that we should spend a year in jail and pay fines for?

Let my people pee and poop in peace, and stop trying to criminalize our need to handle natural body functions should they happen in public spaces for your own personal gain.

Neither are we trans peeps and our allies going to sit quietly and accept being oppressed simply because you want to satisfy some deep seated  need to oppress somebody to score political points with your Teabagging base.

Florida Rally To Fight Unjust HB 583 Tomorrow

Florida Republican introduces draconian anti-transgender billThe anti-trans hate is flowing in Teapublican ranks as they gleefully pimp unjust bills aimed at oppressing trans people in Texas, Kentucky and Florida.

HB 583 is the unjust bill seeking to make Florida transpeople criminals for simply peeing in the bathroom.

On Tuesday, March 3rd, Trans Lives Matter Tallahassee and allied forces will gather on the steps of the old Florida Capitol around 2 PM EST to speak out against the new HB 583 introduced by Rep. Artilles.

The house bill introduced by Rep. Frank Artilles would criminalize Trans folk from using the bathroom and other public facilities that match their gender identity. It would charge them with a $1,000 fine, up to one year in jail, and even lawsuits for not using the bathroom that matches their birth assigned gender. It would severely endanger the very safety of Trans folk all over Florida on a day to day basis.

We call for this Transphobic HB 583 introduced by Rep. Frank Artiles to be immediately stopped. We want an end to legislation that endangers the livelihood of trans people. We call for an expansion of gender neutral bathroom across the state and want to see the legislation that protects Transgender folk from hate crimes.

This speakout will be hosted by Trans Lives Matter Tallahassee, The Dream Defenders, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), The Center for Participant Education (CPE) and The E-Word.


For more information, contact:
Trans Lives Matter Tallahassee
Lead Organizer, Shivaani Ehsaan
Phone : 508-615-8066

Trans Lives Matter Tallahassee
Lead Organizer , Naomi Bradley
Phone: 727-271-2557

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Interns Come To Casa Ruby

You longtime readers of this blog know I have much love and admiration for Roby Corado-Walker and the fantastic job she has done over the last few years in building Casa Ruby into the go to TBLGQ focused social services center in the Washington DC area.

It's being noticed, and she's starting to get the funding attention she so richly deserves.

The latest project that Casa Ruby has taken on is opening a transitional housing unit that will house 10-12 TBLGQ youth. 

The property that will house the transitional housing facility has been purchased and undergone renovation for its soon to be intended use.

It was recently visited by a group Congressional Hispanic Caucus 2015 spring interns on a chilly DC day to help clean, fix and prep the house so it can get closer to the day it becomes a home for the young people who are ready willing and able with Casa Ruby's help to take control of their lives.

Ruby Corado, Casa Ruby, gay news, Washington BladeIt was wonderful to see the Congressional Hispanic Caucus interns take on Casa Ruby as a project.  It is the type of cooperation and community building I want to see happen more often between the African-American trans community, our people and our legacy organizations.

Megacongratulations to Casa Ruby for all the work it has been doing in the Washington DC area, for the staff and volunteers that keep it running, and for its founding director for continuing to breathe life into her vision of a community center that is a home for everyone.

Texas GOP Needs To Stop Treading On Me

RiddleIt's Texas Independence Day, the day in which 59 Texican settlers of Coahuila y Texas on this date in 1836 signed a document declaring their independence from Mexico and jumping off the Texas Revolution that successfully concluded with lightning victory at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21.

This date is a state holiday here, but I as a proud African-American trans Texan don't feel like celebrating it   Not feeling much pride in a state in which its GOP led government is hellbent on oppressing me.

And I wonder why.  Is there some deep seated need in white conservafools to oppress people?  They also seem hellbent on proving what I've been saying a lot lately in terms of the most dangerous bigot being the one with the power to write legislation.

Whether it's voter suppression legislation, demonizing Muslims and Latin@ undocumented immigrants, or restricting a woman's right to choose with draconian non scientifically based legislation, I'm not happy with this GOP run government here.

And I'm even less happy about Debbie Riddle's unjust HB 1748 bill and other similar oppressive and blatantly unconstitutional legislation that's been introduced in this legislative session.

I'm sick an tired of Teapublicans demonizing my people and especially the trans community of Texas.  Your transphobic hate speech is going to lead to violence and worse, vulnerable kids who feel they have no positive future to look forward to killing themselves.  

But that's probably your plan all along isn't it?

Bottom line I'm tired of the Texas GOP treading on me and all the communities I intersect and interact with for right wing political gain.  

I'm also sick of the racist ignorance coming from Texas Republican legislators on a regular basis, too that's an embarrassment to the state.

And I would hope that the peeps who love this state and want to see it grow and prosper are tired of the less than stellar GOP led governance coming out of Austin and do something more than just bitch in their not so quite room about it.

I hope and pray they bumrush the polls in 2016 and beyond to throw you Texas GOP bums out.

Phoenix Drops Unjust 'Walking While Trans' Charges Aimed At Monica Jones

Monica JonesMore good news coming from Arizona as we get word that the city of Phoenix prosecutors have dropped all charges against activist Monica Jones.

She was convicted in May 2013 of “manifesting prostitution” after she accepted a ride from an undercover police officer  during a Phoenix antiprostitution sting.

The case garnered international attention and support from Laverne Cox and the ACLU when Jones began speaking out against the unjust law resulting in 'walking while trans' profiling of trans women of color.

The ACLU has argued that the Phoenix law is too vague, in that the behaviors it describes are easily misinterpreted. For example, talking to passersby could be an indication that an individual is lost and seeking directions or that they are canvassing for a political cause.

Jones pointed out to Buzzfeed News  the law seems to target specific groups of people.

“I think there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed,” Jones explained. “This law needs to be thrown out because it unfairly targets women, transgender women, and people of color living in poverty. Police wouldn’t [arrest] a man standing on the corner talking to a passerby.”

While she won an appeal of her conviction in January that granted her a possible retrial, it still left the constitutionality of the law in question

The decision by Phoenix prosecutors to drop charges came only eight days after Jones and her legal team appealed to a higher appellate court to have the law repealed on constitutional grounds.was timing that Jones' attorney Jean-Jacques Cabou notes, “coincidental to say the least.”

Cabou said he hoped city officials would consider repealing the law, but if not, “we’ll blow it up the next time someone brings a case.”

At the very least, for now, Jones can rest easier, says Cabou.

“The case against [Jones] is officially over. Monica never has anything to fear resulting from her arrest that night. We won a total victory on that front.”

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Mr. Spock Is NOT A Republican

What is it about these conservafools who gleefully oppress people, then want to claim liberal-progressive heroes and sheroes who are the polar opposites to everything they stand for?

Remember when the conservafools in 2008 tried to claim that Sarah Palin was Wonder Woman, only to have Lynda Carter herself call them out on it?

They haven't learned their lesson yet

In the wake of Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy passing away Friday and President Obama commenting on it like every other Trekkie and fan of the show has, a Republican state legislator in Oregon couldn't resist the urge to make a fool out of himself and try to claim him for Team Conservafool.

Naw Rep. Post, not only was the late Leonard Nimoy NOT a Republican, his iconic character wasn't either.    Spock was the science officer on the USS Enterprise, and one of his favorite quotes was 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few' (or the one)

Your party not only hates science, but your party's motto should be 'the needs of the Koch Brothers and the 1% outweigh the needs of society.'  And neither is 'live long and prosper' an endorsement of your party's 'greed is good' fiscal policies.

And because you Teapublicans have no health care plan besides don't get sick and die quickly, how can anyone live long enough to prosper?

If you are so desperate to claim a Star Trek character,  if anything, the Ferengi are the peeps you Republicans are most like in the Star Trek universe.

You both chase profit over people, and have no use for you feminine population unless it benefits you.

 I'm surprised you haven't adopted the Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition as your party platform and replace the elephant with a smiling Ferengi as your party's new mascot.

So no, have several seats if you ever again in life try to compare your party to Mr. Spock..

Windslowe Takes Stand In Her Silicone Pumping Trial

Padge Victoria Windslowe has taken the stand in her own defense in her pumping trial in Philadelphia started February 19.  

She is accused third degree murder for causing the death of Claudia Aderotimi of London and aggravated assault against Melissa Lisath of New York for a pumping procedure that nearly killed her..

Windslowe is facing up to 40 years in prison if she is convicted.

HERO Protects You!

Since some of you or your friends and relatives may be going to church services this morning in which the lying sack of feces  pastor isn't being truthful about what the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance actually covers, here's this handy graphic that you can show peeps the 15 categories the much needed human rights law covers.

Remember, only you can prevent sellout pastors from bamboozling you into believing a human rights law doesn't cover you.

And once again Steve Riggle, no bakers in the Houston city limits have been forced before or since the May 28 passage of the ordinance to bake a swastika cake.

Countdown To The 2015 LGBT Media Journalists Convening

March is going to be chock full of events for me, and one of my favorites I'm looking forward to attending is the upcoming 6th annual edition of the LGBT Media Journalists Convening.

It's sponsored by the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr, Fund and hosted by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association,

We're headed back to Philadelphia for this one that will take place March 13-15.

What happens during the convening is that me and all my fellow LGBT media peeps, bloggers and journalists come together to get a deeper understanding of and more effectively communicate critical issues facing the LGBT community.    The event also has the goal of assisting and increasing the presence and diversity of LGBT bloggers in the national blogging community.

We'll also be building our journalism skills as we report, blog, tweet and livestream the panels and the happenings at this year's event.  You can also follow what's going on via the #LGBTMedia15 hashtag.

So definitely looking forward to returning to Philly for this year's convening and seeing everyone that will attend this year.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Arrest Made In Deshawnda Sanchez Murder

The last moments of 21 year old Deshawnda Sanchez's all too brief life were engaged in a frantic early morning search for help in the Chesterfield Square neighborhood before she was gunned down December 3.

One break was that a neighbor's  security camera caught the perp getting out of a car, running toward the porch, and running back moments later to get in the car before it makes a high speed departure.

That video probably led to the announcement made by LA police that 30 year old Robert James Spells was arrested in connection to the Sanchez murder.

Spells, who according to an LA Times report has been convicted of various offenses, including robbery, being a felon with a firearm and possession of a controlled substance, was picked up Wednesday on a parole violation by US marshals at a relative's home.

LAPD Det. Chris Barling said Spells knew Sanchez but declined to discuss the nature of their relationship.  It is unclear whether Sanchez was targeted because of her gender identity, but it is believed to be a contributing factor in the attack.

21-year-old Deshawnda Sanchez [KTLA-TV]“In this case, it is not clear-cut,” Barling said. “I think hate was used by Mr. Spells in killing Deshawnda.”

While it is unclear whether prosecutors will try to prosecute this case as a hate crime, what is clear is that Spells is not only facing a criminal count of murder in Sanchez's death, he is also expected to be charged with human trafficking over allegations he sexually assaulted an 11 year old girl and forced her into prostitution in a separate case.

We're one step closer to seeing our fallen sister receive justice in this case.

Conservative Party Senators Mess With C-279 In Committee

Ever since C-279 passed with support of all the major Canadian political parties in the House of Commons in March 2013, trans people in the Great White North were cautiously optimistic that they would finally reach their political Holy Grail of having federal human rights protection.

C-279 simply amends the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Canadian Criminal Code to add gender identity as a protected class, and our Canadian trans cousins had good reason to be optimistic.

Since 2012, six provinces have followed the Northwest Territories 2004 lead and passed human rights protection for their trans citizens.   Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia all did so that year, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador followed in 2013, and Saskatchewan in 2014

But one of the notable House of Common NO votes back in 2013 was Prime Minister Stephen Harper, with now Liberal leader Justin Trudeau not voting on it at all.

That's probably one of the reasons why the Conservative Party when it got to the Senate that they dominated, started acting like their south of the border Republican cousins and fracking with C-279 by bringing up the discredited bathroom predator lie. 

It also didn't help that the TERF's Canadian Division, AKA the REAL Women of Canada also started sticking their transphobic noses in the Conservative effort to halt passage of C-279.  

C-279 still continued to advance, passing first and second reading stage votes and getting successfully voted out of the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights on June 10, 2013 chaired by Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer.

But on the cusp of a major human rights victory, the Conservatives went into full trans oppressor mode during the third reading stage that occurred just before the Canadian Senate went into its summer 2013 recess.   What was more disgusting that it was lesbian Tory Senator Nancy Ruth leading the charge. 

After the Conservative senate leadership ran out the clock and refused to call for that Third Reading vote, that was followed by Prime Minister Harper proroguing parliament in September, which forced C-279 to start from scratch in the Senate legislative process because it was a private member's bill.

Other more ominous signs were Sen Jaffer expressing her concerns during that summer 2013 recess the bill wouldn't pass, and Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell stating what was blatantly obvious to the TransGriot, our trans cousins and the world by calling out the Conservatives for stalling C-279.

When the Senate returned for business after Thanksgiving in October, instead of C-279 going through Sen Jaffer's committee, it was sent after passing another Second Reading vote to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs chaired by Conservative senator Bob Rumciman. 

It also has transphobic Tory senator and longtime C-279 hater Neil Plett as a member.

Fortunately Sen. Jaffer is a member of that committee along with Senator Mitchell, but they were outnumbered   On Thursday the Conservative dominated committee passed Plett introduced amendments by a 6-4 margin to exempt C-279 from applying to public spaces including bathrooms and locker rooms.

The negative reaction to that from Canadian trans people and our allies was swift.

The federal NDP  released a statement criticizing what they characterize as the Senate’s attempt to block the bill from passing. “The Senate’s attempt to obstruct this bill that would finally give transgender Canadians the protection and equal status they deserve is reprehensible,” said Randall Garrison, the NDP's LGBT critic and sponsor of C-279, in the statement.

“Human rights are not conditional,” said Helen Kennedy of Egale Canada Human Rights Trust. “The human rights of transgender people must be protected in all spaces including public bathrooms and locker rooms. The amendment to Bill C-279 fuels discrimination against transgender individuals by making it seem like people have something to fear by sharing a bathroom with a transgender person, which of course they don’t.”

“As a transgender person I have been waiting a long time for federal human rights protections,” said Amanda Ryan of Gender Mosaic. “Bathrooms are dangerous for me. I fear what people will do to me if they realize I am transgender. Bill C-279 was meant to protect me from hate crimes, but in amending it, the Senate is putting me at risk. It will force me to use the men’s bathroom, and a transgender woman in the men’s room is a recipe for violence.”

“We appealed to all Senators to support Bill C-279 without any amendments,” said Alex Neve, Secretary-General of Amnesty International Canada. “The original Bill is what was needed. If Senators passed the bill in Committee with no amendments, we would be well on our way to having life-saving human rights protections in place in a matter of weeks.”

“We believe that vulnerable minorities are entitled to basic human rights and should have the full protection of the law; this Bill as amended falls short of providing that protection,” said Richard Marceau of The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.

C-279 is headed toward a third reading vote, and if it passes third reading with the amendments voted down, it would go to Canadian Governor general David Johnston for Royal Assent to become Canadian law.

But if it passes with the amendments, it has to go back to the House of Commons, and with a Canadian federal election looming on October 19, it's highly unlikely it would pass the Conservative dominate chamber before parliament is dissolved.

And it's sad that it has come to this for a sorely needed human rights bill.  

But the C-279 fight just reinforces what I have been saying for months in our below the 49th Parallel trans human rights struggle.   Thee most dangerous bigot is the one with the power to pass legislation.

You also can't get progressive laws passed out of a conservative legislative body.

Kentucky Senate Votes 27-9 To Oppress Trans People

Kentucky Senate chamber.jpgAs expected, the GOP controlled Kentucky Senate did the bidding of the Kentucky Family Foundation and passed the unjust SB 76 bill by a 27-9 vote.

The bill originally failed to advance out of the Senate Education Committee last Thursday, but was stealthily brought back up on Monday in a surprise meeting and voted out by an 8-1 margin.

The unjust bill then went before the full Kentucky Senate with three Republican senators Jared Carpenter of Berea, John Schickel of Union and Julie Raque Adams of Louisville being drum majors and a drum majorette for justice and voting against the bill.

Six  Democrats, Julian Carroll of Frankfort, Perry Clark of Louisville, Denise Harper Angel of Louisville, Morgan McGarvey of Louisville, Gerald Neal of Louisville and Reginald Thomas of Lexington also voted against the bill.

So Kentucky trans peeps, these are the Senate peeps you thank for standing up for your human rights.

Coat of arms or logoChris Hartman, director of the Fairness Campaign, said in a statement the "Bathroom Bully Bill" as they call SB 76, lacks legal muster and will increase bullying in schools.

"What an embarrassment the Kentucky Senate has made of our commonwealth," Hartman said

But I need to remind you TransGriot readers the Kentucky General Assembly has split legislative control, with the Democrats holding the Kentucky House (thank God) by a 54-46 margin.

And with only ten days left in this legislative session, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, indicated that the unjust measure won't win House approval.

"The Democratic-led House can better spend the remainder of the legislative session working on other bills," Stumbo said.

Translation:  SB 76 is about to get parked in a House Committee where it won't see the light of day, much less the House floor.   And in case you're wondering Kentucky's governor is Steve Beshear (D)

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2015/02/27/3717535/kentucky-senate-approves-bill.html#storylink=cpy
But I don't think my trans friends and our allies back in the Bluegrass State will exhale until the 2015 session is over.

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2015/02/27/3717535/kentucky-senate-approves-bill.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, February 27, 2015

Shut Up Fool Awards- Rodeo 2015 Edition

Yee hah!   Today happens to be Go Texan Day here in H-town.   

It's the day that all the trail rides that have been snaking their way toward Houston on horseback for the last two weeks for the rodeo parade starting tomorrow finally make it to town and their final campout at Memorial Park.

The longest of those trail rides (and the only international one) is the Los Vaqueros Rio Grande Trail Ride, which started February 5 and is a 386 mile ride starting in Reynosa, Mexico.  One of the African-American ones is the Prairie View Trail Ride, which started in 1957 and makes an 87 mile ride to Houston.

The parade is just one of the eagerly anticipated the kickoff event for the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which lasts for three weeks from March 3-22   The World Championship Barbecue Cookoff started yesterday and runs through this weekend

Since I haven't been to the rodeo since they held it in the Dome and I stopped working for the concessions company in 1986, may have to consider doing it this year. 

It's also going to be a bittersweet one for Selena fans because yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of her last concert performance which happened at the rodeo, and she shattered the attendance record she'd set the year before..

Since it's Go Texan Day, let's do our usual Shut Up Fool 'bidness' Texas style.  Time to round up and call out all the varmints that are all hat and no cattle, or just plain mind numbingly stupid.

Honorable mention number one is the delicious schadenfreude of seeing Ashlee Evans-Smth, one of Fallon Fox's loud and wrong transphobic critics, getting busted and suspended nine months for failing a post WMMA match drug test she lost

Karma is not only a you know what Ashlee, it wears a dress and stiletto heels.

Honorable mention number two is 2015 SUF Lifetime Achievement Award winner and hate pastor James David Manning.   He's bucking for 2015 SUF Of The Year honors with this latest blast of Harlem based hate by parting his big lips to unleash the f-word that rhymes with maggot.

Honorable mention number three is a group award to everyone who takes the stage at the Cirque de GOP, er CPAC conservafool confab in National Harbor, MD.

Honorable mention number four is Ron Paul, who let his white sheet show again when he said the the Congressional Black Caucus doesn't support war because they want that money for food stamps.

Naw you racist azzhole, the CBC doesn't support war because far too many of our peeps will disproportionately be dying in it while the privileged kids and conservafools like you sit on the sidelines and berate everyone who questions why we're sending our troops into combat and why.

Honorable mention number five goes to former Fashion Police host Guiliana Rancic, who let the casual racism fly when she made derogatory comments about the locs that Disney teen star Zendaya Coleman was rocking on the Oscars red carpet Sunday, then tried to make a half-assed non-apology about it that wasn't enough to save her job.   The comments also got her put on blast by Zendaya and my homegirl Danielle Moodie Mills.just for starters.  

Honorable mention number six goes to Italian gymnast Carlotta Ferlito, who proves that anti-Black attitudes and racism aren't just an American thang when she let loose during an interview in the wake of Simone Biles' historic win as the sports first ever African-American world champion this foul comment:

'I told Vanny (Ferrari) that next time we should also paint our skin black, so then we could win too.'
Naw, maybe your fifth place finishing azz needs to hit the practice gym a little harder next time and then you might have a shot at winning a medal.  

Good luck in the Rio Olympic Games next year.   (sarcasm meter on maximum)  I'm sure you'll probably be running into Simone again.

Honorable mention number seven ix goes to Texas state Rep. Debbie Riddle (Teaggger-The Woodlands) who is peddling a particularly odious brand of trans hate in my home state with the unjust HB 1748 that would not only criminalize me and other trans Texans bathroom trips, it also makes it a felony for businesses to allow us to do so.

Let's see how fast this one dies after the business community starts screaming about the possibility that if this bill passes, we'll never get another Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, corporate relocation or major convention in this state again.

Honorable mention number eight is a group award for Texas Gov Greg Abbott (R), Lt Governor Dan Patrick (R) and all their fellow homohaters for prematurely celebrating the 10th anniversary of the passage of our unjust same sex marriage ban by cutting a cake

I say prematurely because that anniversary is not until November 2, and the SCOTUS will have something to say about whether this amendment lives until then.

And yeah, peep what Texas state Rep Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) had to say about it from the floor of the Texas House ten years ago.

Honorable mention number nine is Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore (R) who is living up to every stereotype about blondes by parting her lips to say that cancer is a fungus that simply needs to be washed out.  

Seriously?   And you run a healthcare company?   This is a prime example peeps of the quality of legislator you get when you sit your liberal-progressive asses at home on Election Day

This week's Shut Up Fool winner is Michigan pediatrician Dr. Vesna Roi, who thinks her religious beliefs trump the Hippocratic Oath she took as a physician

In a disgusting display of medical homophobia and breach of medical ethics, 'Dr'. Roi refused back in October to treat Bay Contreras because her parents, Jami and Krista Contreras were lesbians

BREACHED:  American Medical Association Principle of Medical Ethics I. A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights.
BREACHED:  American Medical Association Principle of Medical Ethics X. A physician shall support access to medical care for all people.

That it not what you exhibited in this case.  And Dr. Roi, you graduated from Michigan State University to get your medical education, which by the way is an institution supported by the tax dollars of gay and straight Michigan residents.

You can point to the loophole in the American Medical Association ethics that states physicians cannot refuse to care for patients based on sexual orientation, but doctors can refuse treatment if it's incompatible with their personal, religious or moral beliefs all day long, but.when you are advertising that you are accepting new patients, you need to treat EVERY patient that respectfully walks through your door for your medical expertise.

Some of those patients will be LGBT people. 

And no letter or weasel worded interpretation of AMA ethics can wash away the fact Dr. Roi that you are a homophobe and an oppressor, and I sincerely question what God you actually serve.  Because the one I worship hates bigotry, discrimination and oppression.

This is is the idiocy and dehumanizing discrimination that consevrafool 'right to discriminate' laws seeks to implement around the country,  Hell no do I and other reality based Americans wish to see nouveau Jim Cow bullshit and oppression desecrate this country again.

Dr. Vesna Roi, shut up fool

Leonard Nimoy Passes Away

Was saddened to hear that actor -director Leonard Nimoy, who any Trekkie can tell you played the iconic role of Spock on Star Trek died this morning at age 83 from complications resulting from COPD.

In addition to playing the iconic character and a long list of roles over his career, he directed Star Trek III: The Search For Spock , Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home and Three Men and A Baby, and lent his voice  to narrating the Ancient Mysteries TV series for its entire 1994-98 run

One of the sobriquets that was hurled at me that my tormentors quickly dropped was calling me Mr. Spock.  I embraced that like a badge of honor..

And Nimoy's half human-half Vulcan character struck a chord with biracial kids, when in 1968 a young mixed race female fan who identified herself as F.C. penned a letter expressing her frustrations about it.   

Here's the money paragraph in what Nimoy had to say to her in his lengthy response letter in which he explained how Spock dealt with a similar situation in his childhood.

"He said to himself: 'Not everyone will like me. But there will be those who will accept me just for what I am. I will develop myself to such a point of excellence, intelligence and brilliance that I can see through any problem and deal with any crisis. I will become such a master of my own abilities and career that there will be a place for me. People of all races will need me and not be able to do without me.' And that's just what he did. And when I see him standing there on the bridge of the Enterprise, facing danger and life-and-death problems so cooly and with so much intelligence, I'm sure he made the right decision."

I hope F.C took that advice to heart, lived long and prospered

You've lived long and prospered Mr. Nimoy and left a gigantic footprint not only in television history but also our imaginations.   Because of your iconic character, you inspired  kids of all ethnic backgrounds to look toward the heavens and imagine careers in the science and technology fields.

And you will be missed.

T- 2 Months And Counting Until BTAC 2015

Well peeps, one of my fave events is rapidly approaching, and not just because it's in my Texas stomping grounds.

It happens to fall very close to my Cuatro de Mayo birthday.

It's the 2015 edition of the Black Trans Advocacy Conference in Dallas from April 27-May 3 at the Doubletree Campbell Center, and it's bigger and badder than ever.

In addition to the informative seminars, Family Fun Day, the Mr. and Ms. BTPS pageant and the Black Diamond Ball and Awards Gala, the keynote speakers this year will be Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and Tiq Milan.

Registration is now open for the event, and FYI, the DART light rail system now runs from DFW to the hotel via the Orange Line and the Lovers Lane station.

For those of you taking Megabus to Dallas, the DART downtown transit center on E/ Olive St. is where the Megabus drop off/pickup stop is located, and it's a short two block walk from the St/ Paul and the Pearl /Arts District stations.

So now that I've broken down how you can get to the hotel from DFW and the Dallas downtown Megabus terminal, hope to see some of you peeps in he Lone Star State for the Black Trans Advocacy Conference and my early birthday celebration.

The 5th Annual TransGriot Black Trans History Quiz

Here it is as promised, the fifth annual TransGriot Black Trans History quiz.   As with the four previous editions of it, it is an open internet test, and I'll give y'all the weekend to peruse it and actually try to answer the questions that are a mix of historical, and current events stuff before I post the answers.

Good luck and time to get your Black trans history learn on.

1.  This organization founded by Kylar Broadus is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year.  Name it.

2.  The Dewey's Lunch Counter Sit-In and Protest took place in what city 50 years ago?

3.  Which one of these gospel groups was Wilmer Broadnax NOT a part of?

a: The Blind Boys Of Mississippi
b. The Golden Echoes
c. The Houston Heavenly Chorale
d. Spirit of Memphis

4. What is the name of the show in which Laverne Cox will play an Ivy league educated attorney?

5. True or False.  A transwoman has appeared as a JET Beauty of the Week Centerfold.

6. Angelica Ross founded this Chicago based organization to provide job training for trans people.  Name the organization.

7. Model Ines Rau because the first person since Caroline Cossey to do this in May 2014.  What was it?

8.True or False    Janet Mock has an MSNBC show entitled So POPular.

9. This activist scored a groundbreaking legal win for herself and trans people in her nation   Name her and the nation.

10. This now annual award event was conceived and created by this trans woman.  Name it.

11. What do Dee Chamblee, Tracee McDaniel, Toni-Michelle Williams and Cheryl Courtney-Evans have in common besides the obvious fact they are African-American trans women?

12.  True or False.  Rev Louis Mitchell was part of Dr Kortney Ziegler's groundbreaking documentary Still Black: A portrait of Black Transmen.

13.  Trans advocate Ashily Dior is from what Caribbean nation?

14.  What do Jonathan Thunderword, Yeshua Holiday and Lawrence Richardson all have in common besides being trans men?

15.  Who said this quote?   As long as there continues to be these petty folk, playing at activism while still harboring their superior attitudes toward the transgender community, we won't have the hard honest conversations and we'll NEVER have complete unity in the so-called "community".

16. True or False.  Valerie Spencer was Kerry Washington's trans advisor when she played Marybeth in the movie Life Is Hot In Cracktown.

17.  Last year Tona Brown because the first African-American transwoman to have a concert at this historic music venue/  Name it and the city it is located in.

18. What award will the TransGriot be receiving this October?

19. Who said this?  Those irrelevant articles TERFs tend to write give those of us on the right side of history something to point at and say, "Now, look at the utter ridiculousness of what they are saying. Go ask those in the medical communities who actually study transgender bodies on a day to day basis the reality of trans women's bodies. Go ask the psychologist who actually work with transgender women on a day to day basis. They will disagree with these insane statements."
When you are a person of privilege, it can be hard to imagine that the playing field isn’t leveled; but when you are a woman, or a person of color, or a transgender person, or a person from a lower socioeconomic bracket, you are familiar with the ways in which having privilege colors your reality. - See more at: http://thesaltcollective.org/6-things-people-with-privilege-never-have-to-worry-about/#sthash.3gYGfu2s.dpuf
When you are a person of privilege, it can be hard to imagine that the playing field isn’t leveled; but when you are a woman, or a person of color, or a transgender person, or a person from a lower socioeconomic bracket, you are familiar with the ways in which having privilege colors your reality. - See more at: http://thesaltcollective.org/6-things-people-with-privilege-never-have-to-worry-about/#sthash.3gYGfu2s.dpuf

20.  Which city did trans masculine leader Alexander John Goodrum NOT live in?
a. Chicago
b. San Francisco
c. New York
d. Tucson

21.In what year was the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition, the first multicultural national trans organization founded?

22. What was the title of Sharon Davis' autobiography?

23.  True or False.  Isis King's appearance in the movie Hello Forever was her first ever movie role?

24.   This event is going to happen in the near future for Myles Brady and Precious Davis.   What is it?

25.  Lady Java was photographed picketing Rule Number 9 outside the LA club owned by this legendary comedian?

Dale Hansen Calls Out The Flower Mound Bigots

White Power Basketball
You'll recall I wrote about the bigotry eruption that occurred at the recent February 13 Flower Mound-Plano East boys basketball game that got deserved national attention and condemnation.

Now longtime WFAA-TV sportscaster Dale Hansen has added his voice to those condemning what happened in that town.  You'll remember Hansen on these electronic pages  for his commentary in support of NFL draftee Michael Sam.

Now he's calling out what happened in Flower Mound.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Third Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin's Death

'Today is the 3 year anniversary of the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. RIP.'
Today is the third anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman.

February 5 would have been his 20th birthday, and I would hazard a guess that today is just as hard on his parents as his birth date is.  It's even harder when less than a day ago the Department of Justice announced that they wouldn't be pressing charges against Zimmerman for Trayvon's murder.

Zimmerman may have gotten away with murder, but for all intents and purposes he's earned a life sentence in which he'll have to constantly look over  his shoulder to see if someone's going to do unto him what he did to Trayvon.

Rest  in power Trayvon.

Should We Count Silicone Pumping Deaths In TDOR Stats?

Back on February 20 I was in a discussion with another activist about the number of people we have lost to anti trans violence.   When she started listing the number of people who have died so far this year, she included someone who died because of a fatal silicone pumping incident.

That started a debate between the both of us in regards to whether people who die from silicone pumping should be recognized at a TDOR event.

I argued NO, and here are my reasons why.. 

The reason the TDOR was founded by Gwen Smith in the first place back in 1999 was because we had an epidemic at the time of trans murders, no or blatantly transphobic and crappy coverage even from gay media about it, and we trans peeps were starting to forget the names of the deceased that dated back to the 70's.

That's why the TDOR was created.  To memorialize the dead, ensure we didn't forget those people who were violently taken from us  basically because they were living their trans lives, begin building a historical record that it was happening, create an event that would attract media coverage about the issue and give our allies a way to support us.

The event quickly went international because we live on all inhabited continents on this planet and anti-trans hate and violence is an international human rights issue.

While silicone pumping and the cis and trans people who die from it is a problematic issue that I have covered on these electronic pages since  2006, the fact remains that unlike a murder, the person who dies from silicone pumping, knows the potential risks of pumping, knows that people have died because of it, but still chose to do so.

The pumper may be charged with murder or a crime after the fact, but the pumper isn't forcing that person against their will to plunk down the money to undergo a procedure that they may not survive.

Silicone pumping deaths, like suicides, also generate their own media publicity, unlike trans murders.

A silicone pumping death shouldn't be elevated to TDOR list recognition.  Just as with suicide deaths, they are a separate category from trans people being murdered for who they are, and it is what the Transgender Day of Remembrance needs to continue to focus on.

The TDOR does not need to 'evolve' as I was told in that conversation I had with this particular activist, it is executing what it was designed to do. 

So why mess with the success of the TDOR or attempt to alter its Prime Directive?

So no, silicone pumping deaths do not need to be counted in TDOR stats, nor should they be recognized at a TDOR event now or into the future.

Sen. Boxer Calls The GOP Senators Out

IMG_0729“I thought they were the party of ‘family values.’ Show me where that’s true? Ripping families apart? I thought they were the party of ‘economic prosperity.’ Show me how that’s true, when we know from study after study that one of the greatest things we can do for our economy and job creation is get people out of the shadows so they can go buy a home and hold a good job. They (Republicans) can’t or won’t pass an immigration bill. They will not do their job. So when the president steps in and does his job, they say, ‘Oh, this is terrible! Let’s shut down a totally unrelated department. The Department of Homeland Security.”
-Sen. Barbara Boxer

Too bad Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is retiring in 2016.

She called out the Teapublicans in a blistering 20 minute floor speech that took them to task for the off the charts hatred of President Obama among other subjects that those of us sick of the GOP have long called their butts out for.

And yes, I have the video of Senator Boxer handling her US senate business.  Enjoy the verbal smackdown  she delivered.

One Of Fallon's WMMA Critics Caught Cheating

As I like to say on these electronic pages, karma not only is a you know what, but she wears a dress and stiletto heels.

Right now I'm pondering the situation of seeing another one of Fallon Fox's loud and wrong transphobic critics get karma's high heeled foot planted squarely in the crack of her behind.

When we last heard about Ashlee Evans-Smith, she was basking in the afterglow of an upset win over my fave women's MMA warrior in the finals of a 2013 tournament and then being a sore winner about it, which Fallon called her out about later.

Evans-Smith parted her lips to say at the time that Fox should be barred from women's MMA because of 'unfair advantages'.   
"I don't feel like Fallon should fight dudes," she said. "I don't feel like she should fight women. I feel like there should be a unique organization for those needs. She did have an advantage. She definitely did."
So sayeth the cis woman who just got caught cheating.

Yep, you read that last sentence correctly.   After her December 6 debut in a UFC 181 match that she lost in a first round submission to Raquel Pennington, Evans-Smith tested positive post match for the diuretic hydrochlorizide, which is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's banned substance list.

In addition to being fined 30% of her $8,000 purse, she is retroactively suspended from UFC competition for nine months.  In addition, Evans-Smith will be required to submit to a Nevada Athletic Commission sanctioned drug test at her own expense before she can reapply for a license to fight in Nevada.

Can you say 'hypocrite' boys and girls?   Thought you could.

Black Trans History Is Inspirational

TransGriot Note: This is a Black History Month post I wrote for the Transgender Law Center blog.


'Those who have no record of what their forebears have accomplished lose the inspiration which comes from the teaching of biography and history."
Dr. Carter G. Woodson

I come from a family of historians that includes my late godmother Pearl Suel, who ran the Houston chapter of the Association For The Study Of Afro-American Life and History that Dr Woodson founded.   The local chapter is named after her.  As my mother and late father's high school history teacher, Ms Suel passed that love of history to my parents, and as their eldest child I was instilled with a deep love of my people's history and an insatiable curiosity to continue to seek it out.

One of the first questions I asked after my 1994 transition that wasn't gender related was, where is the history of African-American trans people?   What did my forebears accomplish?  What did they do to contribute to the advancement of trans human rights and knowledge of trans people while living their own complex trans lives?

These are questions that led me to seek out that history and eventually found TransGriot in 2006 as part of my ongoing effort to disseminate that history and tell the stories of trans people who share my ethnic background.

#WeExist., and what better time to point that unassailable fact  out than during Black History Month?

In a community which is being ravaged right now by over 18 murders since June, it's comforting to know that one of the people who jumped off the Stonewall Riots in 1969 was a girl like us in Marsha P. Johnson.    It's fantastic to note the story of African-American gender variant kids who 50 years ago this April launched the Dewey's Lunch Counter Sit In and Protest in Philadelphia to strike a blow against anti-trans discrimination.

It's fascinating to read the story of trans man and gospel singer Wilmer Broadnax, know that we had a trans girl like us in Althea Garrison elected to the Massachusetts state legislature in 1992, a JET Beauty of the Week in actress Ajita Wilson and had trailblazing leaders like Marcelle Cook-Daniels, Alexander John Goodrum, Dawn Wilson, Dr. Marisa Richmond, Lorrainne Sade Baskerville and Gloria Allen just to name a few.

Cant' forget that when the first all-trans performance of The Vagina Monologues happened in LA back in 2004, Valerie Spencer was part of it.

It's also wonderful to know that Black trans women rocking runways and photo shoots didn't start with Isis King or Arisce Wanzer, but Tracy Africa Norman who shot five ESSENCE magazine covers and had major print ad contracts in the late 70's and 80's.

It was also a revelation to find out via the Google Books online JET and EBONY electronic archives the first ever person that completed the now closed Johns Hopkins gender program was an African-American trans woman named Avon Wilson.   It was also inspiring to read the story of Carlett Brown as she attempted in 1953  when the world's attention was focused on Christine Jorgenson to become the 'First Negro Sex Change'.  

While we never found out if it happened for Carlett, we do know it did happen for Delisa Newton..

It's also inspiring to note the stories of people like Jim McHarris, Georgia Black, Lucy Hicks Anderson in an era in which the trans word wasn't around to label their lives.

We also have the stories of people like Lady Java striking the first blows against the odious LAPD Rule Number 9 and Miss Major, which will soon be documented for posterity on the silver screen.

Black trans history makers are in our midst today like Janet Mock, Laverne Cox, Kylar Broadus, Diamond Stylz, Dr. Kortney Ziegler, Kye Allums, Fallon Fox, Tracee McDaniel, Dee Dee Chamblee, Tona Brown,  Rev Louis Mitchell, Angelica Ross and some Texas based blogger y'all may have heard of.

And yes, Black trans history also includes the stories of my trans sisters across the African Diaspora like Audrey Mbugua of Kenya, and my trans sisters of African heritage in Brazil, Great Britain, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Black trans history is also vitally important to point out to cis Black people, our allies, and our detractors we not only exist, but our lives are part of the kente cloth fabric of the African-American community.

We also need to pass this history down so that it serves to inspire the next generation of trans kids who are following in our footsteps, and point out Black trans people have a legacy and possibility models they can be proud of..